Measuring device SBM-1

The electrobiology specialist group NRW is committed to body-related measurement technology and uses the AEB.eV. developed measuring device SBM-1. This is currently the only device available that can measure a body-related measurement in an alternating electric field.

The SBM-1 was developed by Prof. Leonhard Zeisel in the early 1990s and made available to AEB eV for use. The device has since proven itself in the special measurement on the market and delivers sustainable values, which, if necessary, directly provides the therapist with the exact measured values for his treatment.

The designation SBM-1 stands for S = current density, B = flux density, M = measuring device and the number 1 stands for a uniaxial measuring probe.

The SBM-1 is a dual measuring device, it can not only record low-frequency electric fields but also low-frequency magnetic fields.

The device consists of a field probe, housing with display and processor, as well as a carrying case in which accessories such as cables are stowed. As an option, there is a carrying bag with a loudspeaker to audibly display the field distribution in the room.

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