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Dipl.-Ing.Th. wheat

As a certified electrical biologist, sworn public authority expert and real estate appraiser, Mr. Graul regularly deals with the problem of radiation exposure in buildings.

Jürgen Wilsdorf

Certified electrical biologist and managing director of a construction company and a trading agency in North Rhine-Westphalia. Has been dealing with WLAN, DECT and cell phone radiation for years.

What distinguishes the electric biology of the building biology .......?


We will help you determine the actual radiation exposure at the sleeping area and prepare a detailed report with suggestions on how you can achieve stress-free, restful sleep.


Constant irradiation

We are now exposed to a wide variety of rays day and night. It is therefore important to give the body the necessary rest at least at night so that it can safely recover and produce the necessary antibodies. So focus
we should at least make the bedrooms in the living area radiation-free.

Transmitter ...

shine around the clock and we have the feeling that we always have to be available. Cellular communications penetrate all areas of life today, and privacy protection from this radiation is hardly possible any more.

Wlan, Bluetooth, DECT ...

should not be in operation at least during the rest phases. We show you simple options.

Keeping bedrooms free of radiation ...

should be most important to all of us. A reduction in field emissions in all sleeping areas can often be achieved. We help you to identify the radiation and to eliminate or at least greatly reduce it through suitable measures.

Electric and magnetic field sources ...

are diverse. Technical fields shouldn't be underestimated just because they don't appeal to the human senses. On average, they are thousands of times stronger than the fields of nature. ALL emissions, including pipes in the walls, pollute our body.

The cell phone has become our constant companion and we forget how many transmission towers are necessary to ensure that we always have the desired reception.

Up to 750,000 additional transmission towers will be built in Germany for 5G.

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